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hey everyone it's your personaltrainer coach Kozak 20 Minute HIIT Workout for Fat Loss Home Cardio Strength Training Cardio Kickboxing Abs Workout and i'm claudia and this isa hiit work out today's workout is divided upinto four parts first we're gonna do some cardiothen we're gonna do some strength training then we're gonna do some cardio kickboxingand we're gonna follow up with some abs so we are gonna kick your body from headto toe today I'm gonna do all theintermediate to advanced moves and follow along with me for all of thebeginner modifications the only real equipment required forthis workout is a pair of dumbbells i'm gonna use.

We're actually gonna usetwo different weights a lighter pair and heavier pair but the weight that you useis really up to your fitness level so make this work out your ownthat's right and before we get started if you want todo a little five-minute warmup just to get your body loose and limberand ready for this awesome workout just going to click that link right up there lastly this workout today is brought toyou by our patreon pledges thank you so much for your support out there they were able to choose and voted for thisroutine so you have them to thank for this touryou're about ready to go through :3 all right if you're ready we'reready first thing we're gonna do is a skater sono weight is needed here to start just our own body weight i'm going to bejumping side to side staying light and on the balls of my feet i'm just going to the modified stepsso it's a little more lower impact and we're just moving from side to sidelike Kozak is just throwing our legs the to the back so you decide which impact and which versionis right for you today but either way i want to emphasizepushing off and taking off on the balls of your feet and staying lighton your feet now trend today we're not countingany repetitions you're just going to get as many reps inas you can in the lot of time period so we're breathing side to sidefor 10 more seconds again get as many inas you can good and 5.


To the ground we go,we're gonna moveinto a bear plank position just upon all fours,knees are bent and i'mgonna to do a bear plank kickthrough while Claudia is gonna do a bear planstep back you decide which one of these two moves is right for you i'm kicking through rotating at my core but Claudia's just stepping back to rightand left leg remember to breathe through this exerciseany time you're down on all fours like this exactly is very easy to hold your breathand totally forget about breathing man will catch up with you whooa couple excellent total bodycardio moves for sure,breathe and again get as many as you can inand a lot of time keeping that core tight let's go ten more seconds on this one guysalmost there and 5,4.

3,2,1,0 we're up on our feet i'm gonna do a forward and back hop but claudia is gonna stepforward and step back so again here is the more low-impact versionmine is a little higher we're both staying light and on the ballsof our feet that's the goal so I'm just jumping forward and back like you're just going overan imaginary line exactly seen with her right so if you havea line for the back over that line good come on let's go get that are right upwe can feel it we feel it working already wichever what you're doing,push yourselfbecause nobody else can do it for you it's up to you right here let's go keep a slight bend in your need as youperform the movement good let's go last 10 seconds on this one let's go you got it you got itkeep it moving almost there in 5,4,3, 2,1,0 to the ground we go again I'm gonna be up on all foursClaudia is gonna be on her knees doing is called the Davies test,I'm going to swipe my hand left hand over my right andmy right hand over my left you're just trying to move that handacross as fast as you can again it's all about speed and how many ofthese can you get in a lot of time frame keep your core tight,shoulders Square and don't stop moving good don't drag your hand across thefloor we're not literally sweeping the floorjust making like the swiping motion exactly kind of hard to put into words so swipe is the best word we couldcome up with,sweep swipe! just go fast and don't stop,go fast!! just move come on let's go guys whoa yougot it almost there let's go 10 more seconds on this one,go keepa little bend your elbows the whole time core stays tight,back stays straight you got it right heregood,don't let that butt sink 3.

2 cero.

Good news and bad news good news is we have to stay herebad news is this one stings i'm gonna do a moving mountain climberand I'm gonna go from left to right Claudia is gonna do a littlemodified mountain climber where she's going to stepforward and step back you decide which one of these variations isright for you today tell you what being up in this positionit's not easy no it isn't,nobody said it's gonna beeasy but it's gonna be worth it guys come on it's gonna be worth it,bring those knees into your chest good don't stop keep going keep fighting almost there let's go last 10 secondson this one,let's go guys 10 seconds come on 5,4,3,2,1.

0 good alright we're upon our feet for the next onecardio round is done moving on to strength we need two dumbbellsif you got them i'm going to split stance Claudia's two feet 50/50we're both dropping down and we're gonna press twister hands hands are facing our chin and then we'regonna use that energy from our leg to press straight up overhead you decide if you're ready for a split-squador our traditional squat today you decide which one is right for you palms start facing your chin and as you press overhead going twist and rotatethose hands inward and facing forward good doing that squat make sure you're gettingthe weight back in your hips every time breathe you got it let's switch if you'redoing one at a time otherwise keep moving you gotta good, don't let those kneescollapse in,make sure they're out nice and strong and out,show that would look like Claudia so if they're going to collapse in,see has her knees get weak and come in here go something like this,which is a bigno-no!,keep them out press out on those kneeships are nice and open good you gotta guys let's go ten moreseconds on this one let's go come on how many can you getfight through! 5,4,3,2,1 alright we move with the same move for thenext one it's an RDL + Row so it's just theweights that you're using feet and shoulder width apart little bendthe knees keep those hips back down row,pull backin the elbows,hips forward so butt back,pull back in the elbows,stand-up,hips back,row hips forward notice how are keeping a small bend inour knees the whole movement so we're not squatting down as we come downbut instead just breaking at the hipsusing those hips as a hinge and pressing those hips back behind youlike you're trying to touch that wall behind you with your glutes good keep your back straight core tight get a little good squeeze atthe top yes you know how we do,i always forget that part,that's right squeeze them,squeeze those glutesright there at the top nice work guys come on keep it upwhat do you got today put it all out there no holding back,one rep to the nextright here focus on what brought you herefocus on your goals something brought you here todaydon't forget about keeping your mind,not on the back your mindkeep that on the front of your mind when you wake up in the morningand you go to bed at night only thing you're thinking about right herelet's go you gotta guys you got it let's go 5 more seconds on this onethat's it and 3,2,1,0 to the ground we gowe need both dumbbells lying on our backs,feet are down, I'm gonna do one leg+crossing,Claudia's doing two we're gonna press up off our heelsand press the dumbbells overhead at the same time you decide ifit should be doing one leg or the two late version either wayI want to drive off that heel or heels squeezing your glutes and your hamstrings up at the top try not to hyperextend the arch your back good dumbbells all the way up all the waydown and do not bounce your arms off the ground on this one,nice andcontrolled you got it good keep moving keep moving,it's an awesome compound movement i luv these compound movements are efficientso efficient,more work and less time if you doing one Leg switch it upand keep moving,it's a halfway point definitely we're getting hurt inhamstrings,glutes,lower back abs,shoulders,chest,triceps just toname a few guys that's why you're feeling the way you are because we're working right hereand no mistake no bones about it you're doing great keep it up no quit inyou you're a fighter not a quitter prove it to yourself right here let's gofive more seconds four three two one zero ok up on our feet,keep that pace up again same movement for both of us this timefeet are wide slight point out of your toes sumo deadlift weight back and hipspull up elbows high right back in the hips,pull up elbows high,so it's a sumo deadlift plus upright row and on upright row you're pulling back onyour elbows like give a string attached to them pull them straight uppull them straight up good and use those legs to helpweight back in the hips make sure that you're sitting back andkeeping your feet flat don't come forward on your toesright sit back weight is in your hips and your heels go to keep it upeverybody and if this is too much for you with weightsdrop your weights that's right you keep moving tothe same thing just drop the weights still gonna get a good great workout seriously you haven't noticed your legsare probably screaming ours are too you're not onewe're right there with you thousands maybe millions in the samething at home feeling that same pain you are you're not special you're not unique we're all feeling come on let's go yougot this come on you got it got to be stronger than your excusesright now gotta be stronger in your head let's go 5,4,3,2,1,0 let's work on our arms nextbent over at a 45-degree angle combo we're gonna curl,elbows are up,curl your pinkies in and then extend pinkies outsqueeze the triceps curl tricep kickbackcurl tricep kickback and on this one keep your core tightlittle bend your knees you can get a little bit of leg workingat the same time draw that belly button in towards that back so keep those elbows up and ideally you'retrying to keep your upper arm parallel to the ground,goodthe curl squeeze the biceps squeeze the triceps back in your armwhoo hoo! one into the next what have you got what are you made of let's go put it all out there guys no holding back you want to accomplishyour goals is gonna take work not going to be handed to youyou guess what right here you're putting it inno giving up here putting it in keep going you're doing great let's go last 10 seconds on this almostthere getting closer every rep getting closer getting closer 5,4,3.




Nice work alright strength round is done moving on to kickboxing we're gonna pickup our lighter of the two weights and you can do so you can use the other pairor none it's not totally up to you feet are staggered in a fighting stance Claudia is gonna pick that front knee upand kick where I'm gonna do a switchkick down in front i'm switching kicking so either way bringing that front leg kicking withthat front leg bring that knee up and then pushing out on the ball of the foot now don't worry if your kicks don't lookall that great or if you know you can't get your legs upas high as we are neither do mine and i'm not worried about it we're not really training for a fighthere but instead we're just trying toget in great shape and it will accomplish that I promise you and we're not switching legs are goingto stick with this left leg here here yep so we're there other legyour right leg later this is all about this front leg Oh oninto the next good keep those hands up by your chin for some defense yeah you gotta keep going keep goinglet's go ten more seconds breathe me up press out on the ball of foot good let's go 5,4,3,2,1 alright we're doing hooks I'm gonna do a low ISO hook Claudias going to do it just a little bit ofweight in her hips but either way we're twisting side-to-side usinghips obliques core,try to bring that hand back toyour chin between punches good either way get that weight sitting backin your hips we don't want to have your kneeshyper extended on this one,side to side twist big power what do you got come up come on fight it out guys fight it out it's a good one for some aggressionthere you go get that stress out what are you stressed aboutput it all out there walk away from this workout withthat weight lifted off your shoulders leave it all out there right here come whoo that's a good line thank you I'd like to come on let's go guys you gotta it,hey if your wifecan support you can good let's go ten more secondsalmost there breathe and 5,4,3,2,1 ok we're doing high kneesnow knee up,switch,knee upi'm going to do a jump i'm not jumping,Claudia's just doingone knee up at a time I'm coming up off the ball of my foot whooo feeling it guys we're feeling it you don't have to be afighter the train like one we're gonna get the facts right hereor to look like one what's that?,that's right come on get afterguys,show us what you're made of show yourself what you're made ofmore importantly come on it's amazing for your abs feel itthrough that crunch down crunch crunch crunch you got it,good work everybodykeep fighting keep fighting,you're not a quitteryou're a fighter let's see itlets see it,10 seconds good almost there 5,4,3,2,1 going into a high punch punch it up I'm gonna run forward and back Claudia is gonna run in place,run in place! there it is,I knew it,See knew it,I knew it was to easy here we going forward and back hahakeep those punches up high Whoops,keep those punches up high,whooI'm feeling it,Men my arms are killing me mine are too,you're not alone guys,we'rehurting with ya,we're all fighting together we're gonna make it across that finishline,together too good come on come on you got it breathe i'm breathing,let's go 10 secondslet's go pick up the pace high punches,high punches 5,4,3,2,1 alright,oh manfighting stance gonna go 1,2,3 and then eitherknee or a kick you decide i'm doing with knee,left straight,right straight,hook and then either knee or kick,you decide based on yourfitness level whichever one you feelmost comfortable with again don't feel obligated to get yourleg,up quite as high you do what's right for youmake this work out your own come on you gotta keep it goingkeep it going no breaks no quit you can do this allday long you are machine let's see it,come onone into the next what you got what you got good let's go 10 seconds that's it almost there,almost there5.

4,3,2,1,zero nice alright we're on the groundfor the last round time for some abs,lying flat on our backif you got a mat you want to set it up now we're gonna doLying Leg Crossover my legs are going to be straightClaudia is gonna bend her knees but either way we're opening thoselegs up and crossing them over good you decide which one is right for youboth of legs around about a 45 degree angle good breathe,we're going to burn those absright out not gonna be easy but it will beworth it i promise you that much come up let's go make a decision rightnow that you're going to finish this thing and you're going to finish it strong don't give yourself and out if you tell yourself that you can quitanytime pause it anytime you're gonna do it it's not an option not today come on let's go fight and throughif you have modified version no big deal i just want you to keep movingthat's the name of the game let's go 10 more seconds on this one come on fight through everybody5,4,3,2,1 turning over going to be in a low plankposition on our forearms and I'm gonna go elbow to kneeor knee to elbow out to the sides you bring that knee outto the side try your best to bring it to your knee either from your knees like Claudia orup on your feet like i am you decide which one is right for you let's go again if you have to slow down that'sokay but keep moving don't stop good again is the point that workout work,wherebecomes all mental right?,it's all it is it's all a big mental game what brought you here todayhow strong are you how much of your pain are you willing totake and keep pushing through these are questions you got to decidefor yourself come on let's go you're a fighter asking myself right now,not a quitter you got it,how did i decide for this,.

Marriaged 5,4,3,2,1 ok we're goingback to our backs skid a little bit we're moving on to eithersit up or reach crunch so I'm coming all theway up where Claudia is gonna reach.

to the ceiling you decidewhich one is right for you today whoo-whee you got it guyscome on let's go reach Crunch does not necessarily mean"easier" no it doesn't,she's reaching straight upbringing those shoulder blades off the ground reaching toward that feelingwell i'm coming all the way up you got it guys don't quit don't give updon't slow down come on you got this you got this come on those who believe they can't andthose who believe they can both right which one are you make a decision go with it,come on,your choiceright now,and no regrets,breath give it your all or give upcome up you got it,right here,you got it,you got ityou got it let's go 10 seconds that's it we're almost therealmost there and five 4,3,2,1.

Zero nice ok we're turning over into thatlow plank position I'm gonna bring my hips to the ground left hip-right hip,Claudia is doing thesame thing but from her knees so bring those hips down,tip hiptap that hip back up tap that hip back up,goodone right into to the next you got it almost there everybody,fight through guysfight through almost there breathe you got how many can you get inthis time frame push yourself no one else can do it for you,hopefullyguys you're doing a little better than me come on,definetely feeling iti'm feeling it too let's go 10 more seconds almost there getting closer let's go last 5seconds last 5 seconds 3,2,1,0 nice okay turn it over on your back keep moving don't slow down into a hollow body hold on my back my chin comes in,back isstraight on the ground arms are out now either you can to have yourlegs straight or knees bend you decide which one of these twois going to be right for you today but guess what,this is it right here peoplethis is it for the rest of the day come on give it everything you got all mental be so easy to just quit right now but guess whatyou're stronger than that you are whether you believe it or notI believe that you are now we just need to convince youother Hold and tight holding strong what you gotcome on stick with it guys don't give up on usdon't give up on us we're hurting too come on what do you got what you gotfor 10 seconds that's it 10 seconds for the rest of theday you could do that in your sleep let's go 5,4,3,2,1,0 nice work! oh man that was brutal,let's go to get upyeah she's supposed to get up right now we're feeling it just like you areif you can't tell thank you so much for working out with this today if you'vebeen working out with us for a while starting to feel good certainly see someresults we ask you please consider checkingout our patreon page where you can find out how you can help ussupport this cause to keep these great workouts freefor everyone around the globe and if you liked this workout whichwe know you did just go ahead and give this video athumbs up and be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel so that way you know when we have a new workout that's come outyou notified,you never miss one make sure to check out hasfit.

Com forhundreds of free workouts,free meal plans and free complete fitness programs that's right and also be sure to find uson your favorite social media outlet whatever that is we're there our favorite right now is Snapchatso whatever you're on snapchat InstagramFacebook wherever you are we are we love like us and keep in touch to hang outwith you online,again thank you so much for giving us the privilege to work outwith you today I'm coach Kozak and i'm claudia Whoo andwe will see your next workout.

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