20 Minute Home Workout without Equipment

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hey everyone it's your personal trainercoach Kozak and i'm claudia 20 Minute Home Workout without Equipment HIIT Cardio High Intensity Interval Training for Fat Loss and this is our hit cardio workoutwithout equipment now for certain movements we are goingto be using a mat because these movements will require usto go down to our knees it's not required but if you have one you want to use it go ahead and do so Claudia is going to be doing the morebeginner modifications and i'm going to be doing some moreintermediate to advanced modifications so this workout really does havesomething for everybody you choose which moves are right for youalong the way now if you want to do a warm-upfeel free to click up top the card and it'll get you over to a five-minutewarm up that you can start right now but not required,it's totally up to youwe're going to work our total body today we're going to burn a bunch of caloriesalong the way if you're ready let's get this thingstarted ok so we're both going to head down intoa plank position I'm going into a bear plank andi'm doing a bear plank lateral walk Claudia is on her kneeswith a Plank from her knees and she's gonna walk side-to-side now this is a raw beginner movementright here if this is to beginner for you and coach is too advanced go ahead and bring yourself up to a highplank and just do lateral walks side-to-side keep your elbows bent,core tighti have both knees.

i'm trying my best to keep my knees bentat a 90-degree angle and on walking side to side either wayon those balls of your feet and as always we're not going tocount any reps today we're just gonna get as many inin a lot of time period so you work at your own pace make sure to breathe on this oneeasy to hold your breath don't cross those hands over either let's go for 5 4 3 2 1 and we're up into next oneso we've leg move next I'm gonna go with alateral hop+squat jump and Claudia,stood on lateral stepand squat so you decide which variation betweenthis two is gonna be right for you either way on that squatput your weight back in your hips whether you're jumping or not making sure to breathe on this one good!,side-to-side one right into the next if you're doing the hop,make sure you'relanding softly, uff i feel this one already it's not gonna take longalright we've 10 seconds left side to side in 5 ok we're going down into analligator walk, so i'm gonna go into ahigh plank position and take little short stepswith both my hands and my feet.

And I am in ahigh plank position just moving my feet not going anywhere and I'm gonna reach.

Then can make a littlemake a little square and I'll go to the side and then I walked back,try to getkeep those feet moving small little steps and just keep onbreathing do not hold your breath up here keep that core tightback stays straight nice you got itbreath let's go 10 more seconds on this one one.

We're up on our feet i'm going to do a forward and back hop pretty simple stayingon the balls of my feet Claudia is gonna do 1,2,3,4 or she's just stepping left-footright-foot,forward and back so either way pretend like you havea line in front of you and you're either trying to jump overand back or step over it and back just a way to visualize either way stay light and on those balls of the feet good quick movementshot feet hot feet let's go you got it,you got itlet's go 10 more seconds on this one.

Pushing throughall coming hard and fast today come on let's go 3210 ok so.

Get the matboth grabbing our mats for the next one we're gonna do a jumping push upfrom the knee I'm gonna do a Superman,and Claudiais gonna do a traditional ballistic push-up we're hitting three in a rowso I'm going.



But Claudia's just doing thetraditional push up and jumping every time if that's not gonna to work for you you can do.

Just to push up from yourknee thank you alright next one 1.



couple deep breathes 321 again full power,all the way upall way down either jumping up or pogos arms overheador just jumping up let's go next one.

123 good keep it up guysthese are awful even from your knees i like to say if can't handle with jumpsa traditional push-up works just fine Good 1.


3 nice okay we have one more set guysone more set.

Let's do this ready hit one two threenice.

Ok we're on our feet,godness.

Tothe next one.

We're going on crossbody knee i'm gonna go crossbody+switch,cross+switch Claudia's just can do all one side at thesame time so we either for bringing that knee upfor crunching down and we're either switching into another sideor we're gettin' rightback into the next rep in halfway through we're going to switch good.

Breath crunch down bring that knee up andsqueeze those Abs,switch come on let's go,ui.

My arms are tired on this one oh i know,i feeling my shoulders come on guys let's go we're getting into it getting into it starting to feel itnow come on what you got got 10 seconds left how many can you get almost there good and 3,2,1,0 nice ok we're getting down tothe ground for nextoneI'm going in bear plank position again and Claudia is coming back to the knees we're going walking out from thisposition and walking back.

So you decide if it's better for you on your knees or while maintaining this bear plank this is a big one for your abs and coreoh yeah walk out as far as you can and back you know the first couple might not getso far as you get more comfortable with it it maybe of its stretch it and push the pacejust a little bit you decide how far is right for youon this one just keep that core nice and tightas you get out there yeah don't let your hips sink and don't letyour butt be wait up on the air either so try to keep that back flatgood.

one in the next you got itbreathe and if you can't get as lower as us,don't be discouraged just keepon coming back and doing this workout and you keep thesewalk outs,some of these were hard one for me in the beginning,and Still hard for meStill are yeah they never really get that easy never gets easierit's just get better on it oh right all right in five four three two one zero good job,we're up and what we've to next ok i have switch jump with squat and claudia's just going to do the switchjump starting in a staggered stancing position switch jump using your arms to get you going on that jump difference between her moveand mine, is that I'm dropping that back kneealmost into a lunge or split squat and.

I'm switch from this side i'm not going to quite as deep she's more hurtlemore about explosion mine is definitely gonna geta little more endurance in the legs come on let's go breathe use those arms to help you out one in the nextalmost there i'ts gonna burn those legs outburn so good common nice moving into a plank up+downs so going down to the groundeither from the knees or from top we're going on theforearms low plank pushing up into a high plank,now i want youto alternate which side you come up on So You on 1,2,3,4 and thenthe opposite 1,2,3,4 good keep that core tight,pressing up like a mix between a push up ina plank your back flat should be able to balancea glass off your back good you got it you got it,you can tellClaudia's feeling cause she's so quiet common guys you gotta,i'm just concentratingon the switching of my arms alright almost there five four three two one nice.

I what we're gonna do nextside shuffle so we're both gonna side shuffle I'm gonna do a side shuffle+reach jump Claudia is gonna do overhead+squat weight back in your hips on thatshuffle if you don't have as much room as we have that's ok do with your what you have if you have to go here and backand jump that works too either way keep that weight in your hips don't cross your feet overgood one of the next guys you gotta,come on what you come here for,concentrate onit's all up here right now not even physical at this pointso all in your head you gotta come ongood work it work it we've 10 more seconds that's it last 10 seconds breathe 321 okay we over the ground and it'sgonna hurt not gonna lie we're gonna do Iso low squatI'm gonna walk out I'm gonna push up andclaudia is just gonna come back either way you're coming back down into this low ISO squat position and then walking out with your hands and my legs are a little widerthan shoulder witdh as you notice just come back downinto the squad that's one is working your upper body your lower body improving your flexibility and mobility in that lower part of your squad definitely work in your core on the plankand push up here there's the big kicker in your core very efficient movewe're getting a lot in in a short period of time today come on keep moving guyskeep moving you got it,let's go ten more seconds breathe,almost therefive four three two one zero ok so it's a quick 20 second break you gotta water now is the time to get aquick drink we're headed right back into the secondround we should be go a little faster this timein round cause you know the moves andyour're comfortable with it no holding back,okay we're going to theground I'm starting in that bear plank lateral walk Claudia is doing her lateral walk from her hands and knees or from the high plank position again remember you're deciding which one is right for you today breathe very efficient workout today every body part is getting hit multiple times,appreciate you guysjoining us today couldn't do this without you we wouldn't want to do without yougood keep that core tight little bending the elbows and breathe yes do not hold your breath too hardwork out to be hold your breath for sure let's go ten more secondsalmost there burning those arms and legs out.

2,1 nice ok I'm going into my lateralhop+squat jump Claudia is doing her lateral step+squat if you want to mix up the twomaybe hop to the side and.

then do a squad that works too again we try to give you as many different tools and pieces here to makethis your own fitness is by no means aone-size-fits-all solution you gotta really work to figure out whatworks for you nice side-to-side,weight goes back inthose hips every time,keep those knees out not let themcollapsing on another showing what means thisdon't let what that happen on the squat or the jumpgood 5,4,3,2,1 going to our ladderisi'm sorry alligator alligatoralligator walks little short steps,even just staying inplace,are moving a little square good breath,keep that core tight you got it no slowing down no pause in this video todaynoo they going to be points in time ifyou haven't already we're trying to decide if you shouldtake a little longer breaker pause this video,don't do it!come on fight through we can't pause it,we can't pause itso you can't pause it we're all in this together let's dothis let's go thousands maybe millionsat their home doing the same thing all feeling the same painin it together let's go let's go 5,4,3,2,1 we're up on our feet oh I'm going forward and back hops,Claudia'sgoing 1234 stepping forward and back just pretending that we have thatline we're either hopping over or stepping over and it's hot feetthis second time let's up this pace push it push that pace guysyou gotta it breathe good,hot feet hot feet 10 more seconds almost there Common 5,4,3,2,1 okayeverybody's favorite right here i gotta Superman push ups frommy knees Claudia is just doing the ballistic push upfrom her knees both hard go they're really hard we have threego! here we go,hard timing on thesuper Man get arms up on the right time let's go,one.

Faster you can lift thearms up the better these are tough,oh man.

Come on guysyou gotta it push through with us let's go next one,1-2Big power,3 good good good don't give up don't slow down guys,we're almos there,ready let's hit next set okay we gotta one last one that's it that's it,fight through thishere we go last one,fight and through nice we're on our feetwe have crossbody knees+switch or just the cross body knees either way crunching down,bring that kneeinto your chest switching halfway through guysgetting as many in as you can right here,what's holding you back don't be,(switch)don't be the only obstacleholding yourself back let's go come on getting out of your ownway right here Go Go accomplishing more than you thought!,you are capable of accomplishing come on ha ha ha let's go 5,4,3,2,1 nice ok so we're heading down now we're goinginto those walkouts i mean i'm doing a walk out from thebear plank position Claudia's gonna do it from her knees you decide which one is right for you walking out with your hands,keep that core tight back straight now and we arebreathing let's go come on guys we're gonna kickin' into high gear the restof this workout uuf keep that core nice and tightyou're really going to feel it in middle we don't have much left today i want you to give it everything you got come on no holding back it wouldn't be cheating usif cheat yourself remember to push yourselfif no one else can do it foy ya let's go good breathelet's go ten more seconds on this one that's it that's it almost there five four three two one zero we're up.

I got switch jump squatsClaudia he just has switch jumps basically you decide you'regoing to bringthat back knee down or not when those legs start to burn and catch on fire you gotta realize that just is lactic acid you don't have to listen to that chemicalresponse you're stronger than that fight and through that burnso all up here not in your legs you gotta tell those legsand keep moving come on you run the shownot your legs good you got itgo 10 more seconds that's it breathe,one and the next one the next five four three two one we're going down on the ground we gotta Plank up & downseither from your knees or from up top either way get right into itno break no rest come on let's go how bad do you want it? how hard are you willing to work forwhat you want? if you want when no one else,you gottawant to do what no one else is willing to do have to be willing to work likethey are not willing to work are you willing to do that?prove it yourselfright here not me prove it to your self let's go come on you got itone into the next let's go good,breathe 10 seconds almost there guys 5,4,3,2,1,0 we're up on our feet come on last 2 everybody we got sideshuffle+reach jump or side shuffle squat.


Sorry i forgot overhead,she has to do right overhead.

There it is her shoulders probably forgot it on shuffle or slip come on weights in yourhips try not to cross your feet or clickingtogether if I slip on your sweat little upset heresorry it's job hazard I guess i don't think you can collect workoutsconfident at all let's go get it going guysget it going this is here right here,push into the end push into the end,breathe come on let's get it goinglet's get it going turn me in the middle school or something PE Yeah! we're in hard middle school guyslet's play kickball almost there come 5,4,3,2,1alright,alright last one so we're go to the ground low ISO we're walking out on either push upor just straight back one into the next daystay down low drop those hips,do not come back up yeah do not cheat yourself on this one come on,this is it right here,back intothat low iso squat is the last one guys push into the end,Sprint into that finish line get everything you got you've been saving it or holding backnow is the time time to put it all out there right now you got it,you versus youit's on your head it's on your head all these challenges onyou face inlife that you think are obstacles they're not obstacles in your way it's all in your head,you just gottafind a way around them and find a way push through pushing through them right here 10 seconds almost there almost therebreathe and keep pushing through zero ooh my legs,oh goshthat one worked :3 thank you so much for working out with ustoday if you liked this work out asmuch as we obviously did make sure to give it a big thumbs upand subscribe to our YouTube channel if you want to take your level of support tothe next level check out our patreon page where you canhelp us grow has fit for everybody make it better for everybody,yes,you can find out more about our story up here thank you appreciate you guys that's right and also don't forget to check out hasfit.

Com,we have plenty offree recipes,meal plans for downloading and 30,60,90 day workout program alltheir all for your free,for you also don't forget to follow us on snapchat Facebook,Twitter,Instagram we are wherever you are and we just want to connect withyou guys love to hear from you thank you so much for giving us thepleasure of working out with you today I'm coach Kozak and i'm claudia and wewill see in your next workout.

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