Strength Training or Cardio First

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C: Hi, and welcome to another episode of AskA Trainer.

Today I’m here with Pro Results® trainerKayla.

Kayla, how’s it going? K: Pretty good, how are you? C: Pretty good, thanks for asking.

Today’s question comes to us from KrystenM.

Krysten asks, “My goal is to lose body fat by strength training and cardio workouts.

Is it better to do strength training or cardiofirst in a workout?” K: That’s a good question, I would recommendyou want to do about 10 to 15 minutes of a cardiovascular warm up before you strengthtrain.

When you go out onto the floor you can doabout 30 minutes of a strength training using your weights and resistance and then get onto one of the cardio equipment’s, do another 30 minutes.

That way you’re not burnt out when you’retrying to lift your weights if you’re already exhausted from cardio.

C: Right, makes sense.

Well there you have it Krysten, go ahead andsend us in your questions, follow us on YouTube and we’ll see you next time.

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